About us

Community7.org (C7) is an organization that provides resources and solutions in e-learning, e-commerce, digital marketing, and resource management. C7’s goal is to provide sustainable online platforms and management structures to generate technical and financial resources for its continued growth, its clients, and the evangelistic work in Thailand.

Services and Support

C7 offers clients, organizations, and ministries access to platforms such as e-learning, e-commerce, website development, and financial support through C7’s Contribution Management Plan. C7 provides support for evangelistic activities, community relief efforts as well as missionaries in needy circumstances.


C7 operates as a civic organization bringing together like-minded individuals. Members of this organization are selected carefully based on their expertise or financial commitment toward our common goals. Member’s contributions form part of our Contribution Management Plan, which takes advantage of the finance market to provide long-term financial benefits to the organization and its members.


The organization is overseen by an executive board composed of industry experts. Additionally, the evangelism committee operates under Trinity Adventist International Church in Bangkok, who manages evangelistic and missionary support on C7’s behalf.