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90 Minutes Live Sessions every Tuesday for five weeks. 

  • Tuesday, April 20th.
  • Tuesday, April 27th.  
  • Tuesday, May 4th.
  • Tuesday, May 11th.
  • Tuesday, May 18th.

One free registration for all sessions. 

Weekly Meeting Times


7:30 PM (UTC+7)


8:30 PM (UTC+8)


8:30 PM (UTC+8)


7:30 PM (UTC+7)


6:00 PM (UTC+5:30)

Learn how to start a tutoring business

Learn how to get students online

Learn how to share the gospel online

Learn how to grow your online business

a five-week program
Make the difference with your own online tutoring business

From start to finish, we will guide you to grow your business and become a digital missionary using your online tutoring or educational business to reach more people with the Gospel.

Registration closes April 14th


Our offer

This program is provided for free under the sponsorship of

Course guide and group sessions are offered for free; while other tools such as business website, and teaching tools will be offered on a name-your-price scheme.

The live sessions and Q&As are conducted on the Zoom platform with digital access to course materials and notes on a google classroom. Only the initial 30 minutes of each presentation will be streamed life on Facebook and YouTube. The complete session on zoom lasts approximately 90 minutes every week.

Upon registration, participants will receive a confirmation email, and will later receive access to the classroom, zoom ID details, and course guides.

Participants are provided with program materials and access to a name-your-price web platform to start their business.

A digital certificate of completion is available for those who participate in no less than 90% of the meeting hours.

This program is offered as-is, with no guarantees or responsibility on personal liability. The aim is to prepare better educators to start their online businesses and share the gospel of salvation with their clients and prospective clients.

The curriculum

Week 1.  (Starting April 20th, 2021)

– Introduction to the program and modality.

– Why start your own tutoring or educational online business?

– Integration of faith and values in learning. 


Week 2. (April 27th, 2021)  

– Identifying the way forward (Business Plan). 

– Organizing the curriculum and offering. 

– Integration of faith and values in learning. 


Week 3. (May 4th, 2021)  

– Distribution and Marketing.

– Integration of faith and values in learning. 


Week 4. (May 11th, 2021)  

– Getting Clients. 

– Preparing materials. 

– Integration of faith and values in learning. 


Week 5. (May 18th, 2021)  

– Methods of instruction. 

– Integration of faith and values in learning. 

– Assessments and feedback.